FICTION Stories by Harper Barrow

Fresh Starts: Pikes Peak Writers Anthology

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After the fires are out, the smoke has cleared, the divorce is over, the widow has stopped wearing black, the sun has risen, the monsters are dead, the world is saved (or destroyed), the storm has clamed, and the trouble is over…what do you do next?

Thirty stories – mystery, romance, science fiction, essays and even poetry – from thirty different authors. I contributed a story about a little boy having brain surgery. I think you may find it familiar…

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Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology

Jazz House Publications

Something stirs in the darkness of these stories. Join twelve authors as they explore the holiday season’s scary side. From monsters to ghosts and villainous people, there’s sure to be a scare for you.

“Naughty Children Beware” by Harper Barrow  (p. 243!!!)

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March 2020


Pikes Peak Writers Zebulon Contest

Short Story Category

“Charlie, Come In”


September 2019


Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Colorado Gold Contest

mystery/thriller/suspense category for unpublished commercial novels

All For You 


July 2019


NYC Midnight Short Story Contest

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“Hundred Below”


“Charlie, Come In”