Don’t call it a bucket list, because Cam will live forever, but we’ve come up with a new mission:

Cam’s Ten Before Ten!!!

How many adventures can we cram into one special kid’s life? What can we do to make sure that he experiences the world beyond his small circle of home therapy and doctor appointments? How can we help his brother and sister find passion in a world where their baby brother can be so sick? And how can we help pave the way, or at least make it easier, for others with disabilities to have the same experiences?

Kris and I came up with Cam’s Ten Before Ten. Cameron just turned six years old. We thought of ten challenging but achievable (we think!) adventures that we’d like to help Cam have before he turns ten years old on March 5, 2025.

Why ten? Because its a nice round number and it makes a catchy title! We reserve the right to figure out we’re crazy and change the plan at any time.

And so…with no further ado…we will reveal…in no particular order…


Cam’s Ten Before Ten!

1. Go Skiing

2. Ride a Horse

3. Ride a Hot Air Balloon

4. Climb a Fourteener (that’s right, a super tall mountain!)

5. Swim with a Dolphin

6. Go to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon

7. Be in a Parade

8. Go to a Concert

9. See the Northern Lights

10. Run in a Marathon


Ooohhh, we’re excited! Stay tuned for Cam’s first adventure on his list!