About the Author

Hello! I’m LHB.

All you really need to know about me:

1. I’m the mother of Cameron (the inspiration behind Cam’s High Five) and the typer of this here blog.
2. I’m a veterinarian, so sometimes I write about poop and kittens and stuff like that.
3. I’m not an expert in travel. I’m not an expert in raising a special needs, medically complicated child. However, I am an expert in raising and traveling with this special needs, medically complicated child. Over the years I’ve made a lot mistakes and a lot of discoveries that I think might help others.
4. I can’t NOT write (see Harper Barrow’s Fiction), and I can’t NOT take care of Cameron and bring him places, so I may as well make this interesting!
5. Cam and I can’t do this alone. I try to respect their privacy when I can, but please read about our amazing family here.

When I started this website, I got a really cool new email address.
Try it out! Email me at hello@camshighfive.com