Yes, Cam is the star of this particular show. But where would he be without his sidekicks?

Who is Frodo without Sam, Merry and Pippin?

Spongebob without Patrick, Squidward and Sandy?

Dorothy without Rose, Sophia and Blanche?

As Cam’s mom (and personal assistant, biographer and pack mule) Cam’s High Five is my project, but Cam and I can’t do it alone!

Meet the rest of the crew.

Kris is Cam’s dad, my husband of nineteen years and the best dude ever. He doesn’t like to be in the pictures much, but he’s super cute, just so you know.


Brady is Cam’s big sister. She loves theater, math and science and will be graduating from high school in just over a year (I don’t know what I’m going to do without her!) She’s been amazing with Cam’s medical treatments and diaper changes, and she’s his go-to for hugs, songs and cuddles.



Carson is Cam’s big brother. He’s a soccer star who’s already taller than me at fourteen years old. Lately he’s become a very responsible babysitter and is Cam’s first choice for throwing balls, making fart noises and crashing into things.

We all live together near Denver, Colorado, with three dogs (Vince, Nena and Batman), a lizard (Squirt) and a cockatiel (Chuckles).

Karen is Cam’s nurse. She takes care of Cam four days a week while I’m at my day job. We’ve been blessed with her help for about a year and a half now. She’s the bomb. And she loves Cam very much.

We’re lucky to have a large and supportive extended family and network of friends and coworkers. I try to protect everyone’s privacy, so I don’t mention them often, but please know Cam and I are thankful for and dependent on all of them.


Well…that’s the gang. Learn more about our family trip to Scotland here.

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And my interview with Brady and Carson (about what it’s like to be Cam’s sibling) here.