Happy 2021! We’re still here. And I guess, if you’re reading this, so are you!

I don’t need to tell you how the last year has been, since you also live on this planet, but I do want to apologize for not posting at all. To the handful of people wondering what’s happening in the life of Super Cam and his mortal human family: I’m sorry I ghosted you!

Ghost. Yeah. A strangely accurate word for how so many of us have been feeling lately. And, as you know (or should know), ghosts can’t type. So I’m going to let myself off the hook for not posting and just try to catch up now.

The Internet has been awash with posts, articles and commentaries on the trials of the last year, so I’m coming at you with something different. In the spirit of catching up and starting over, here are the numbers for my household since I last posted. (Spoiler: all of the medical-related numbers were Cameron’s!).

Puzzles finished and glued: 27
Puzzles thrown in trash out of frustration (or the dog chewed up a piece): 2
Brain MRI’s (with contrast, under anesthesia): 3
Overnight sleep studies at hospital: 2
Vacations/family trips canceled: 4
Times a butt was wiped with carry-out napkins in this house: 57
To go margaritas (includes house lime, mango and strawberry): 19
Zoom calls without pants: 5
Dogs in my house with a new (and very popular) Instagram page: 1
Bone marrow biopsies: 2
Times Botox was injected into salivary glands: 2
Weeks one of these kids was quarantined from school: 8
Netflix/Hulu/Disney/Amazon series binged: 31
Blood transfusions: 3
Backyard hair cuts: 7
Bad home hair dye jobs: 5
Minutes spent trying to learn how to play chess: 9
Beers drank on porch: 9,523
Pounds of weight gained (just me, Kris didn’t want to participate in this one): 13.5
Facebook arguments I was sucked into: 2
Facebook arguments I avoided (DO NOT ENGAGE!): 513
Tonsils surgically removed: 3 (counting adenoids, which were small, so only count for a half point each)
Trips to Children’s Hospital Emergency Room: 2
Frisbee golf courses set up in yard: 1
COVID vaccines received: 3
Hours spent playing video games: 5,139
Times I seriously considered writing a blog post and took a nap or watched The Mandolorian instead: 4

Yes, we’re still here, trying to shake off a vague sense of unease and wasted time, but also with renewed gratitude for each day and a freshly laundered optimism. Most of all, we missed you! Whaddya say we move forward with this blogging thing? This living thing?

What have you been up to? Share your numbers in the comments!

7 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Day!”

  1. Good to hear from you all! I didn’t keep track of the numbers but if I did, the number of solitaire games I played would be sinful!
    Looking forward to reading your blog through 2021!

  2. So good to hear from you! Trying to keep up, and also practicing gratitude! Thankful for a vaccine, looking forward to receiving one 😊

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