Today is September 12. Although yesterday was a day of reflection and grief, honoring the memory of those that fell 16 years ago, today is- at least in my house- a minor holiday. Cameron rang the bell one year ago today, signaling the last day of proton radiation. Lots of crying around here this week so far…both happy and sad.

One year ago, we weren’t sure Cam would be here at all, much less with a teeny tiny tumor remnant, a new set of words, a handy tube into his tummy and a shiny set of orthotic braces. He’s amazing. The light of my life. A kiss-blowing, stranger-waving, big-toothy, scar-headed, one-handed, pretzel-throwing bundle of inspiration. And he’s still here…happier and stronger than anyone predicted. We love you, Cam!

To top it off, we just learned that Cam has been approved to get a wish through Make a Wish foundation. We want to do this for him. We want to do it now, because although we believe he has years to live, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. Of course, he is two and a half years old and he is non verbal, so what’s his wish? We know he loves high-fives and noisy toys and he wants to walk and play with other kids. So I ask you…what does he want? What’s his one true wish? I have a few ideas, but what do you think, dear readers?

What’s Cam’s WISH?

2 thoughts on “My Baby Gets a Wish”

  1. Troy thinks he would want to go to Hawaii.. i say that he would like to go somewhere like Disneyland or Disneyworld where there are lots of people around and he would get to see his brother and sister having a ton of fun!

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